April 2018 minutes

Minutes of the Handweaversʼ Guild of Peoria January 2, 2018
Members present: Margie K, Liseʼ, Carol S, Joan, Avis, Jennie, Diane, Melissa
Diane called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m.
Review of MInutes – No corrections; Jennie moved, Liseʼ seconded.
Treasurerʼs Report
• Ending balances as of 12/30117 (Savings) $2,452.42 (Checking) $1011.97
Total balance $3,464.39; (includes $715 reserved for future loom purchase)
Committee Reports
Program Committee – Jennie
• Februaryʼs program will be “Planning a Project”
• September meeting – Kitchen Towel exchange
Workshop Committee – Liseʼ
• Jason Collingwood “3 End Block Weave” Fall 2018
• Heather Winslow Fall 2018 or Spring 2019
• Other workshop possibilities include Theo Moorman Shimmering Silks Garment Weaving round robin
• Contact Liseʼ with other suggestions
Activities Committee – Diane
• Possible Spring 2018 fun trip to St. Charles, IL
• Contact Diane or Mary D with any ideas for activities
Assets Committee – Joan
• Inventory completed
• Guild Libraryʼs Handwoven collection is not complete; will be sending out a list of needed issues; if
you have an extra issue to fill a gap in our library that you would like to donate that would be
Old Business & Events
Towel Exchange
• Weave a kitchen towel and bring draft to September 2018 potluck for exchange
• Drafts to be compiled and distributed to towel exchange participants
• No outreach to report
Structure Study Group – Jennie
• Studies various structures as well as pursuing own weaving interests
• Next meeting will be 7:30 am at Knoxville Panera on Monday, January 22 to study birdʼs eye

Rigid Heddle Weaving Group – Melissa
• Meets at Dunlap Public Library District (302 S. First St, Dunlap) on the 4th Thursday of each month from 11am to 1 pm; bring your loom or project or just chat; open format; January 25th


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September 2012 Newsletter

International Weaving Day – Japan- was an amazing day of culture, food, and friendship. There were demonstrations, displays and fibers representing the Japanese culture. Members of the Peoria Area Stitchers Guild joined us and their president, Pat Denzer, intrigued everyone with her beautiful Japanese embroidery.

International Day

Pat Denzer shows her beautiful work

Japanese embroidery

Members of the guild participate in a Japanese tea ceremony

Masako Somano Johnson in kimono with obi

A wedding kimono

Included in the day were:

Sushi by Misato and Tosio Sugimoto

Martial Arts by Dave Hawkey and Adam Bockler

Japanese Weaving by Joan Quigg

Calligraphy by Misato and Tosio Sugimoto

July_-_August 2012 Newsletter