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Jennie Hawkey has been creating quality textiles and handmade items for over 25 years. Working from her home studio located in Hopewell, Illinois, she produces her handmade materials using four and eight harness looms. Though she specializes in hand weaving, Jennie is also adept at leatherwork and embroidery, often combining her skills to create intricately detailed pieces. Jennie is an active member of the Illinois arts community. She is a long time member of the Handweavers' Guild of Peoria and one of the founding members of Three Sisters Folk Art School in Chillicothe, Illinois. Her work has been recognized through several awards including Midwest Weaver’s Conference, and TLD Design Center & Gallery. Jennie has a passion for teaching and has presented at Three Sisters Folk Art School, weaving workshops and currently teaches in her home studio.

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